Mattresses – A Piece of Furniture We Take for Granted

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Whether it is used for sitting on, watching television shows at night or simply sleeping, mattresses have long ago been incorporated into almost every household. So common have they become that most people are not even conscious of possessing one, should you ask them about their home they are most likely to forget telling you about their beds. Not many people realise that mattresses have been in development for thousands of years, with improving comfort seemingly many people’s only concern.

The first vestiges commodity were simple beds raised above the ground made out of leaves, grass or anything at hands reach. It was not until millenniums later that humans began to improve their construction. From the Persians sleeping on water-beds made out goatskin, to the Egyptians’ less laborious stack of palm boughs – that beds really came to prominence.

Over the next centuries, mattresses were slowly shaped into what we know them to be nowadays. The Romans used materials such as reeds, hay and wool to stuff into bags of cloth. During the Renaissance mattresses were also covered with velvets and brocades, giving start to the use of bed sheets and covers.

The first wooden frame for mattress support did not appear until the 16th century. After which, it has only been a fast ascension into what we can now find inside our bedrooms.

Famous Brands
Here are a couple of excellent mattresses brands.

Vi Spring are masters of mattress construction. The craftsmanship they possess has been built up over many years of refining and developing some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market – they claim that their products are life changing.

Tempur are somewhat at the other end of the scale and are widely regarded as technological innovators having moved from the healthcare sector to domestic with their unique body moulding mattress design.

Modern Day Mattresses
Today it is possible to select the perfect mattress from an unbelievably large selection of styles. The two most important sold around the world are innerspring mattresses and those made out of foam.

Innerspring mattresses provide excellent support while still remaining fairly soft. They are constructed with a network of interconnected steel coils inside of it.

Foam mattresses tend to be thinner and fit in most bed frames. What you should take into account while purchasing one of this is the firmness and density, the latter being of utmost importance. Plush and soft foam mattresses should be avoided since they will not last as long nor provide the correct support for your body. Although there is one exception, memory-foam mattresses, which mould to your body shape offering even support all over it.

It is usually a matter of quality against price, regular foam mattresses being the less expensive whereas innerspring ones can resist more and last longer in most cases. You should not think, however, that only spring core mattresses are worth your money, choose wisely for either one of them may be the perfect match for you.

The author is a big fan of interior design and has often blogged about the latest trends and innovations in the industry including the space aged Tempur mattresses and other great leaps forward.

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