Low Impact Lower Back Pain Exercises

Back pain affects most of us at one time or another during our lives.  Mild to chronic back pain can be resolved through exercise and therapy.  Some easy solutions would be to cut back on intense exercise or heavy to moderate lifting, essentially any specific action that is causing you pain.  Most lower back pain exercises and therapies are non-invasive and non-addictive, thus safe over a long period of time.

Taking the right conservative measures to manage your lower back pain may be trial and error at first. To see what works best for your lower back pain, you may have to try a few different types of exercises or therapies, because back pain affects everyone a little differently, depending on which nerves are irritated.

There are a few low impact lower back pain exercises that are great for core body muscle groups, strengthening, and stretching your lower back. On a side note, you may have a chronic problem that needs immediate attention. For a free review of your MRI or CT scan due to back pain you can go to back pain relief.

  • Plank –The Plank works your entire core , as well as your  upper and lower body muscles.  Keep your body in a straight position (without arching your back) and hold for 30 seconds to one minute.  For added difficulty you can alternate lifting one foot at a time, or keep one arm on the ground and twist your upper body, placing your other hand on your waist.

    Plank exercise for back pain

    Plank exercise

  • Twisting Crunch – This is one of the most effective crunch workouts, as it hits all of your stomach muscle fibers at once.  Assume a standard crunch position, raise your torso to a 45 degree angle, and then twist to one side, or side to side.  For an advanced movement, extend your legs and pretend to pedal a bicycle while you continue to twist.  There are a variety exercises that you can do from this position too.  You could just do the bicycle, or you could do V-ups where you raise both legs (knees straight), and touch your knees or toes.

    Twisting crunch for back pain

    Twisting crunch

  • Lying Twist – As seen in the image, you bend your knees and keep them together, twisting slowly from side to side.  Depending on your level of pain, you may need to adjust your speed, the angle of your bent knees. Basically, this exercise shouldn’t hurt. Also, you may not be able to keep your knees together at first and that is OK.  What is great about this exercise is it stretches the muscle fibers deep within your lower back around your spine.

    Lying twist for back pain relief

    Lying Twist

  • Lower Back Hamstring Stretch – The hamstrings are often forgotten about in regards to back pain and tightness.  As shown in this picture you need to bring one leg up under and across you as far as you can and keep your other leg straight on the ground.  At first you may not be able to pull your leg up very far and that’s OK.  This is because your hamstring is tight and it may take a while to be able to do this stretch.  Once you are, you will not only be stretching your hamstrings but all the muscles in your lower back and buttocks.

    Back pain treatment- Lower back hamstring stretch

    Lower back hamstring stretch

Personally, I love the Lower Back Hamstring Stretch.  I’ve had problems with my L5-S1 disc having had surgery, and it’s has helped me through the years.  All of these stretches are valuable though. I recommend talking with you doctor or chiropractor before trying any them. You wouldn’t want to throw your back out.


Written by Greg Cowart


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