Living With Whiplash – The Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

I remember back to that horrid day when the guy on his mobile phone drove straight into the back of my vehicle. I was in shock. I had never heard such a terrible noise in my life.

Of course I had seen hundreds of accidents on our UK roads, but when you are involved in one, the noise is almost deafening. Seeing him in my rear-view mirror and no where to go, I braced myself. I held onto that steering wheel for dear life, closed my eyes and waited for contact.

Thankfully I was wearing my seat belt, because I believe with the impact I would have easily been thrown through the windscreen. But the seat belt along with bracing myself for impact led to one thing that would affect me for the rest of my life and that is whiplash.

Every Day Whiplash

What’s amazing is that I got out of the vehicle perfectly fine. There was no pain, there was a twinge in my neck but nothing to write home about. I looked around my car and then I looked at his. His car was completely buckled, the engine bay was crushed and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Of course within seconds the tow trucks and police were on scene. They asked if I was fine and I said I was, at that stage there was no pain. This may be due to the fact I was in such shock that I didn’t realise how much damage I had actually done. My husband came to fetch me and took me home and all was good, I made dinner that evening and we went out for a drink at the pub. All was good.

The next morning I couldn’t get out of bed. When I tried to sit up the pain shot down from my neck into my shoulders and down my spine. The only way to get out of bed was to roll onto my tummy and climb out that way. It was at this point we realised there was a problem. Thinking it was just bruising I headed to the doctor.

Be Prepared For The Worst

The doctor carefully checked my neck and I was sent straight to A&E where I had x-rays. They then confirmed it as whiplash, put my neck in a soft collar and told me to take it easy. I was given the normal Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for the pain.

How bad could it be? I wasn’t given major pain killers and was told that I could take the soft collar off in a few weeks. I never dreamed that this one little accident would cause me problems for the rest of my life.

It did take weeks to heal. Slowly I was able to move my neck and sitting in the car under acceleration wasn’t sheer agony any more. I could get out of bed and get to work without any problems. I thought it was over.

I soon realised that the problem was never going away even after weeks of physiotherapy when I would lift something or sleep slightly funny and the pain would return, overwhelming me and making it impossible to move my neck again.

Chiropractors Miracle Hands

neck pain treatment

Chiropractic Care

I’ve come to realise that the whiplash I got will never leave me, it’s something I have to live with on a daily basis. Friends suggested I try a chiropractor, up to now I had used heat packs and regular physio visits.

I was nervous, I’d never been to a chiropractor before but desperate to relieve the pain, I was willing to try anything once. While I do live with whiplash on a daily basis, through careful monitoring, not lifting heavy items, sleeping on a good mattress and regular chiropractor visits I have now got it under control.

I can now go a year or more without a twinge of pain. Unfortunately many people who get whiplash don’t realise that it’s something that will plague them for years in the future, but it is something you can control with chiropractic care.

With regular visits to¬†Chiropractors Eastbourne¬†I have the whiplash under control. It’s knowing your limits and receiving regular medical assistance that will help you live a normal life without pain.

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3 Responses to Living With Whiplash – The Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

  1. Sarah Jane Smith says:

    Massage therapy is incredibly helpful too. Chiropractors often only work on the central injured area, but we have no floating parts; everything inside our bodies is connected. An injury like whiplash usually involves muscles down the arms and legs as well, which a massage therapist is more inclined to find than a chiropractor. A combination of the two is remarkable. Also, I find eating too much processed sugar causes and/or increases inflammation, aggravating the injury much worse.

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