Living With Lower Back Pain

Relief for low back pain

Lower back pain relief

Lower back pain can put a damper on daily life and work. It can almost stop us in our tracks and making any normal daily routine merely impossible. Living with lower back pain can cause more drastic disorders such as depression, addiction to pain medication and other symptoms that are directly connected to this debilitating problem. Even the California Board of Registered Nursing introduced a Nursing Practice Act to ensure California registered nurses have the right to help patients with these problems, acting as a patients’ advocate to ensure their pain is managed properly and they’re comfortable.

Living with back pain can debilitate a person’s life. Sadly if a person lives with lower back pain for a while, they start to accept a pain filled life and give up on living a pain-free existence. This doesn’t have to be the case though. People give up their dreams of playing sport, rolling around on the floor with their children and even grandchildren. With lower back pain, a basic thing such as getting out of bed in the morning can become an ordeal. It doesn’t have to be like this though.

There are several ways to help reduce and manage lower back pain. Whether you believe in holistic approaches or work with medical specialists, pain can be reduced through a variety of methods to assist the process of managing lower back pain. Many methods don’t require surgery or frequent doctor’s visits. In many cases, lower back pain is a result of nerves reacting, sometimes referred to as a sciatic or pinched nerve. Because this is the largest nerve in the body, it can cause debilitating pain if it’s close to a bone or joint that is displaced.

First and foremost, the best treatment is physical activity and attempting to work through the pain. Muscles react to the pain and we have a tendency to do less because of the pain. Attempt to keep mobile and active through the pain. Take a deep breath and try to relax the muscles around the pain so they don’t react to it. When muscles are triggered by nerves, they become tense and can sometimes make the pain worse. Overtime, the trigger of muscles reacting can become a reflex, even when the pain is gone.

Whether you choose treatment such as chiropractic services, pain or muscle relaxation medication, it’s important to manage pain on your own. Use a heating pad or take a warm bath to allow the muscles to relax. Even when you sleep, a heating pad will keep the area relaxed. A warm bath will allow the muscles to relax, creating the same effect as a prescription muscle relaxer. To ensure the back pain continues to subside, take a warm bath right before bed and prepare a heating pad to sleep with. These simple techniques will hinder muscles from reacting to pain and even allow medical treatments to be more successful.
If you have to live with lower back pain at least follow the steps to make it more manageable.

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