Keep Back Ache Away With The Right Mattress

Relief for back aches

We usually spend a lot of time in bed especially during days when we do not have work. Since we are mostly interested in getting sleep than the quality of our beds, we tend to neglect our backs.

As a result, many of us have ended up investing in mattresses that only provides us with back aches than proper rest. This is a concern because your bed can actually affect your overall health immensely.

If you want to save your back and your health, then this information may just help you out.


The Importance Of Sleep

It is a fact that sleep is very essential for everyone. Missing out on good sleep only contributes to poor health and ailments, thus affecting your overall lifestyle and relationships. There is one particular body part requires adequate sleep and this is the spine. Consider the hard work your spine has to endure each day in order to support your body and its functions, so sufficient rest is needed. When your resting area deprives you of the ability to rest and sleep well, then you must make some changes immediately.

Why Does The Bed Mattress Matter?

The quality of sleep you get every night will depend on the quality of the mattress you sleep on. If a mattress is unable to support your spine sufficiently, then you can suffer from muscle fatigue aside from poor sleep. When you select a mattress, it is essential that you look for a quality mattress that offers the same natural spinal alignment you get when standing. It is very important that your body can rest in a natural position to allow your muscles to relax as you sleep properly through the night.

What Makes A Quality Mattress?

When you invest in a new bed mattress, there are a few factors you must consider:

Type And Firmness– There is a variety of mattresses being sold these days. To some, a certain type of mattress can offer firmness and support without comfort, while others find this particular type of mattress only comfortable. Thus, when you select a mattress, opt for one that offers a combination of support and comfort. Many claim that a firm mattress is better, but that is not the case as such mattresses are sometimes unable to support the body evenly. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft can sag and prevent the spine from maintaining its natural alignment.

Durability – A quality mattress will be made out of durable materials that can last for a long time. You must not only look at the mattress cover, but the core as well. A mattress that is made out of durable materials, offers comfortable sleeping space and is constructed properly will often be priced dearly. It will also be accompanied with a warranty from the manufacturer in case of any defects.  Remember that a quality mattress along with a suitable box spring must last for about 10 years making it a wise investment.

The Base – The base also known as the box spring is an important feature of a bed alongside the mattress. Since the base absorbs the weight of the mattress, choosing the suitable base can preserve the life or extend the life of a mattress. Most mattresses come with a box spring which means that they are suited for each other. Opting to swap bases or use the mattress without its respective base can affect the durability and support that the mattress can offer.

Comfort – Since comfort plays an important role in getting proper sleep, it is necessary to determine if a mattress is indeed comfortable. To do that, you can test the mattresses by simply lying down on them in the position you normally sleep in. Turn to each side to ensure that the mattress can support your spine. You can also have your partner lie down as well to test the space both of you will have to move around.


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