Hydrotherapy Sauna Helps Relieve Back Pain

Steam shower for back pain relief

Twin Steam Shower

The use of steam and heat treatment to help the mind and body relax is nothing new and has been in practice since the ancient Greek steam baths. The beneficial effect of heat, steam and sauna therapy is now so evident and a part of everyday life that almost every local gym and luxury spa will invest a great deal of money and area within their gym devoted to either a traditional sauna or a steam room, the users of which along with the experts will testify to their muscle soothing and relaxing properties.


In the case of saunas, steam rooms and steam showers, the heat delivered to the body causes may beneficial natural reactions; the first is the most obvious sweating, which as you can imagine is the body’s way to rid itself of unwanted toxins that it deems to troublesome and that may even cause illness, the second effect of the heat therapy is the way in which it forces the body’s immune system to behave. The heat inside the sauna perfectly recreates the conditions and elevated temperature that the body experiences when it is subjected to a fever, this environment in effect tricks the immune system and your body’s defenses and forces them into action to create various antibodies and blood cells that help strengthen and exercise both the immune system and the body’s other defenses.

Benefits of heat treatment for bad backs

This now all happily brings us onto the soothing effects heat therapy has on back pain and other muscle aches and afflictions. Heat therapy is a medically proven and practiced method. The heat in a sauna gets deep into the muscle and dilates the numerous blood vessels of the muscles that surround the spine; this process not only soothes tense muscles but allows the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to where the repair work is to be done. That’s not all, the immediate effects of the sauna are that the heat instantly stimulates the receptors of the skin and muscle and lowers the transmission of the pain signals sent to the brain, which instantly improves your situation.

Although the effects and benefits of using a steam sauna and steam room are well proven and documented, still a large number of gym members do not use this facility, maybe too concerned with the size of their muscles other than then  health. In any case there are many that do which is why all the best gyms have them and invest in them so heavily  along with the newer found additions of hot tubs or whirlpool bath spa’s. Like traditional saunas and steam rooms the aim of hot tubs and whirlpool jets and systems is again incorporating the use of heat therapy to relieve and revive the muscles but with the added effects of a hydrotherapy massage.

The Effects of a Hydrotherapy Massage

Again this proven method for soothing muscles and back aches and pains is well proven and time tested by the many people that live by the use of them. Hydrotherapy simply means ‘water therapy’ or ‘water-massage’. The multiple jets in the hot-tub or whirlpool bath act as healing hands in the same fashion as a traditional ‘pressure massage’ from a therapist, softly and comfortably manipulating the muscles, resetting and relieving them as you sit there and relax. This ‘water muscle massage’ along with the heat delivered to the user from the water temperature is now becoming the most effective practice outside of a specialist to help aid muscle aches and pains.

Indulge in a steam shower in your own home

It may now surprise you to learn that the advancement in technologies in this field has now lead to a relatively new item on the market that offers all the benefits of heat therapy and hydrotherapy in the comfort of your very own home! Due to the obvious benefits on the body and mind that have lead to the mass rush to gyms and spa’s for timeout and relaxation, the demand for such an item in your own home is immense, well, there is a product, known as a steam shower. A steam shower is in effect a prebuilt, showering enclosure that is equipped with both a steam generator for a sauna and hydrotherapy massage jets specifically designed to help relieve back muscle problems and aches and pains.  Available in a simple 900 x 900 enclosure or the bigger two person enclosures which feature a full whirlpool system and bath as well, these units are readily available in many designs and shapes. The added bonus that you get with a home steam shower is the obvious saving in time commuting to the spa and the comfort of using them in your own home where you can enjoy the sauna in peace, another added benefit is that while you are enjoying the steam sauna you can also at the same time, set the back massage jets into action targeting the area while the heat therapy digs further to sooth the muscles and stops the massage (if you choose to real crank it up) hurting by relaxing the pain receptors in the process.


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    Great article!! Good to know there are somethings out on the market tht can help me out!

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      Hi Andrew
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