How To Relieve Pain And Fatigue While Standing At Work All Day

Anyone who has worked a job that kept them on their feet for hours and hours a day knows the pain that comes along with that. Feet and legs feel like rubber at the end of the work day and there is that ever constant throb that lasts the rest of the day and night. I remember getting into my car after a 12 hour waitressing shift and sitting down behind the wheel and just about crying. My feet would hurt all the way home. I couldn’t get out of my shoes fast enough when I walked in my front door. But, that could have been avoided if my employer at the time had invested in a few anti fatigue floor mats. In the hours before service all I did was stand in one single spot prepping for lunch or dinner service. By the time we opened running around from table to table was near impossible. My heels, arches, and even the balls of my feet ached to the point I wanted to cry.

floor mats in the office to fight anti fatique

Anti-fatique floor mat

One of these mats would have helped in my case, but they are not for everyone. What you do during the course of your day will determine if you really should use one or even if you’ll benefit from using one. Typically if you perform a job where you stand still all the time such as, hair stylist, dish washer, or a machine operator then you will benefit the most. The standard in figuring out if you will need a floor mat is whether you stand still for longer than 10 minutes at a time or over 1 hour during an 8 hour shift.

If you work on a hard flooring surface like concrete you should definitely consider using one of the many available anti fatigue floor mats. Hard surfaces such as concrete not only cause pain to your feet, legs, and back but it can cause varicose veins as well. Wood or laminate flooring is a bit better but still could cause pain.

If you are in a situation that keeps you moving throughout the day, then you don’t need an anti-fatigue mat. These mats should never be placed in any area that sees a lot of traffic during the day, unless you invest in the really long ones. Even though most of the mats made today have a tapered edge to prevent tripping there is still the possibility of that danger.

So, if you work in an industry where you are on your feet and standing in one place for long periods of time you need to talk to your employer about installing these anti fatigue mats. They will benefit everyone in the work place and cut down of time lost due to leg and back pain. In the end, everyone will be happier and more productive. That is what makes a great working environment.

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