How to Promote and Maintain Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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Maintain Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Some women can maintain their slim shape, even after pregnancy. Studies show however, that most women hold onto the weight they gained during pregnancy, or even continue to gain weight after giving birth. Weight gain during pregnancy is attributed to the fetus and fetal structures, as well as the mother eating more to support the growing child.

But there is hope! Despite the difficulties, weight loss after pregnancy is possible. In fact, with a simple diet, exercise and a little commitment, you can quickly return to your original slim self.

After giving birth, you still need to maintain your nutrient intake especially if you are breastfeeding your infant. You need to consider what will provide your infant with the best milk and what will help you lose weight.

Maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of natural unprocessed foods, provides  a healthy balance, that is best both for your baby and body. Avoiding junk food reduces the amount of salt and artificial sugars you take in, which maybe harmful to your child. By instead eating fruit and vegetables you ensure that your baby receives the adequate amount of vitamins and minerals it needs, whilst not adding any to your waist.

Whist diet is important what time you eat, plays an important roll in after pregnancy weight loss. Rather than eating three big meals a day, you can divide your meals into six small ones. By doing this, you reduce the amount of calories you dump directly to your waist line. Six small meals also provides your body with the calories that it needs to burn throughout the day. It is important not to skip meals because you need the energy to care for your baby.

Remembering to schedule your meals will help you lose the pounds, without harming your child. Traditionally women who are nursing, are advised to eat large amounts of food between meals, to provide for their children.
Eating when you are hungry, reduces the amount of excess calories you take in, without risking your child health.

Exercise is key for weight loss , especially for you as a new mother. You are encouraged to take part in light exercise such as walking two hours after a complication free birth . After 24 hours if there are no complications, you can begin gentle exercises such as pelvic tilts and jogging. Care should be taken to keep the intensity of activity low. Starting slow and work your way up, helps your body recover faster. If you begin to bleed you should stop exercising.

Losing weight after pregnancy is difficult, as a mother you are expected to care for your baby. But you should also balance your baby’s needs with your own, get your partner or family members to babysit while you exercise. You could even bring your baby with you.

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