How To Correct Poor Posture At The Office And While Sleeping

improve your posture with a good chairHaving correct posture is an important way to keep your back and spine healthy and prevent back pain as well as neck pain. If your job requires you to stand throughout the day or sit in an office chair for long hours, then you are at risk of having your posture ruined. As such, back support is needed to prevent complications with your back which can lead to health conditions such as strained muscles and a stressed spine. Neglected posture can also lead to headaches, fatigue, breathing problems, constricted blood vessels and nerves and affected major body organs.

Poor Posture At The Office

Office work can lead to poor posture if you have to sit in an office chair in front of a computer for long hours. The risk is even greater if the chair is not properly fitted for your body and lacks the lower back support you need. The best way to deal with the strain is to get up from the chair from time to time and stretch and move around throughout the day to avoid stiff muscles. How you move while sitting in an office chair will also contribute to your posture and these will have to be corrected. Poor posture while sitting down is caused when you:

  • Carry something heavy on one side of the body
  • Cradle a phone receiver between the neck and shoulder for too long
  • Slouch or slump with the shoulder hunched forward
  • Always slide forward on the seat of your chair
  • Wear tight fitting clothes and high heels
  • Look down or hold your head too high for long
  • Do not adjust your office chair to ensure that you get sufficient back support while you work
  • Position your office chair inappropriately from your desk or computer table

Rectifying Posture With A Good Mattress

Aside from avoiding bad sitting habits at the office, you can also rectify your poor posture by investing in a good mattress that can conform to your spine’s natural curves and maintain its proper alignment. If you have been sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or saggy, your spine will be affected causing more problems on your back. In fact, it will not provide you relief and comfort from having to sit for long hours at the office. The same goes if your mattress is too hard, because certain parts of your back will not get the support it needs. You can also consider an individually wrapped motion reducing pocketed coils mattress if you do not want your partner to disturb your sleep with his movements during the night.

The only solution to this is to sleep on a firm yet cushioning mattress that distributes your body’s weight and eliminates the pressure points. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and opt to sleep on your back or on your side instead. It is most likely that the only time you have to relax is when you get home at the end of the day, eat, clean up and go to bed. As such, you may spend at least 8 hours in bed depending on how long you sleep.

Considering the length of time you will lying down on your bed to relax and sleep, your mattress will be your best friend and solution to an aching back and poor posture each night after work.

Valerie Collins is a freelance writer specializing in wellness and health. She regularly contributes articles to websites such as where eco-friendly mattresses are offered.

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