Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Many women across the world are often complaining about lower back pain. However, this problem is not confined to female gender and can be experienced by men too. Back pain can be a sign of actual or potential damage to tissues. Pain is an unpleasant sensory experience that causes emotional distress too. If someone has suffered an accident and has injured the lower back or legs, it is bound to pain, but not always there is such a serious reason for back pain.

Lower back pain may be a result of obesity, poor posture, lifting heavy weight, disorders related to kidney, lungs or pelvic region, and wearing high heels. No doubt that exact cause for the pain should be determined, but home remedies can be effective and preferred for acute lower back pain.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

If you have back pain, don’t be nervous about it as almost everyone experiences back pain in their life time. Following are some home remedies that are simple and effective to ease the back pain and give you comfort.

Hot Compress

Hot compress or heat therapy is one of the best techniques to combat back pain. Lie down flat on bed keeping the heating pad or hot water bag under lower back region and let it be so for around 30 minutes to relieve pain.


Yoga is an effective way to overcome emotional, physical and spiritual ailments. Yoga postures were studied by researchers and have been proved to be effective in toning the muscles, and keeping the body fit while easing any pain in the body. Yoga postures such as bhujangasana (cobra posture), uttanpadasana (raised leg posture), and salabhasana (locust posture) are effective in treating lower back pain. Nevertheless, if you experience pain while doing these postures, immediately stop the exercise and seek medical help or try any other remedy.

Hot Bath

Hot bath is the oldest therapies and just like hot compress, is helpful in various pains such as abdominal pain during menstruation, and lower back pain. Hot bath is psychologically relaxing too. It reduces stress levels and eases pain and aches. Adding around 5 cups of Epsom salt to the bath tub and then soaking the body for at least 30 min is more effective in treating lower back fast.

Sleeping With Pillows Under Knees

Experiencing lower back pain in the night time may be distressing and can disturb your sleeping schedule. However, if you sleep placing two pillows placed under your knees, you will get immediate relief from the back ache. You can also sleep on sides by placing one or two pillows between your knees. Next morning, you will wake up fresh and with eased lower back pain.


This is one of the most effective therapies from the grandma’s health advices. Massage has muscle relaxing ability. Add 4-5 fresh garlic cloves into sesame/olive/coconut oil and heat it, till cloves turn brown. Now strain the oil and apply it to the affected area and massage softly for a few minutes. Eucalyptus oil is also considered as effective for relieving pain. You can use it directly and need not to add garlic cloves to it.

Back pain is a common problem across the world and in both the genders. If you too are suffering from lower back pain and have decided to take bed rest, my suggestion is a big NO to it as this may worsen your problem. Doing regular activities but avoiding things that can make the lower pain worse, is a better way to address lower back pain. A walk can also help in easing out the pain. Above given are some proven remedies that can be tried to ease acute lower back pain.

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