Home Exercise Tips For The Elderly

If you are a proud silver surfer and you are looking for ways to keep yourself fit and flexible while you are checking out your favorite social networking sites, there are plenty of options that are open to you. Whether you love MMORPGs or you simply adore looking at cute animal pictures it is far too likely that you spend too much time in front of the screen and not enough time getting the exercise that you need.

Check out these easy exercises to keep you in shape!


Yoga is a type of meditative movement that uses smooth physical actions to stretch the joints and the muscles. It is very easy to learn even a few yoga poses and to incorporate them into your daily routine. Start with a few stretches before you get ready for your day and do a few stretches at night before you lie down. If you need a quick pick me up in the middle of your day, toss in a few stretches then, too.While you can always go to a yoga class, you can also simply move learn a few basic moves from streaming videos online.

Take a Walk

Whether the weather is frosty or pleasant, take a brisk walk outside. Even going one around the block can get your blood pumping, and at the very least, it will get some daylight onto your eyes. This is something that can make a huge difference when you are thinking about getting fit again. Walking is a gentle type of exercise that allows you to keep in shape no matter where you live.


Muscle tone is an important factor for avoiding accidents and injuries as we get older. One way to work with weight is simply to pick up a pair of small weights and to use them at your desk. A pair of 2 to 5 pound dumbbells allows you to do curls at your computer. Do a set of ten curls with a rest period in between. This type of exercise can keep you feeling fit even when you can’t pull yourself away from the computer. Similarly, small weights on your arms and ankles can add a little more resistance to your day to day routine.

Work On Stability

One thing that often affects people as they get older is their stability. An increased sense of stability can help you avoid falls and other accidents. Start by simply standing up out of your chair without using your hands. From there, start by standing on first one foot for a few seconds and then on the other foot. This improves your balance and it allows you to move towards building more core strength in general. Working on your core strength gives you a wonderful way to stay active and to make sure that you are going to be in a great place to stay fit as you age. Take a moment to think about what you are going to be doing about your level of fitness. Healthy home exercises are a fantastic way to keep you feeling good.

Sarah is currently looking into the different types of carefacilities available to the elderly. She writes on all things related such as assisted living facilities, retirement homes for sale and carers coming into the home to help on a daily/weekly/monthly basis! Having a background in the care field she is particuarly passionate about the quality of care homes.

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