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Suffering from migraine is not a joke. At the very least, it will ruin your day, and at worst, you can get bedridden for days at a time. It doesn’t only affect you, it affects other people too, not to mention it will also bring down your productivity.

Most migraine sufferers opt to take medications. If you have been doing this for years, though, you will probably notice that you slowly build up tolerance. As time goes by, you need more and stronger medicines to get pain relief from migraine. All these medications will have an adverse effect on your body, from the immediate side effects to the longer-term consequences on your kidney and other internal organs.

The answer is to find holistic, natural, and medication-free ways of dealing with migraine headaches. One way is to get chiropractic care, which are all these, and which also address the root cause of the disorder. Here are some techniques that chiropractors use in addressing migraine headaches in patients.

Have a Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractors believe that a lot of headaches can be treated by manually correcting any misalignment in the spine. Through spinal manipulation, the chiropractor improves the blood flow in the body and promotes better health. It’s not only headache pains which can be relieved with spinal manipulation, though. Others include low and upper back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Chiropractors recommend that people go through periodic adjustment. This is because there will always be misalignments—minor ones, to be sure—as we go through our daily life. When we use the wrong posture in lifting a heavy object, for example, our spine can get misaligned. By having regular readjustment, we can have our spine return to its original position before the situation gets worse and pain sets in.

Acupuncture Sessions Also Help

Aside from spinal manipulation, chiropractors also use other techniques to help relive migraine pain. One of these is acupuncture, a method being used in the Eastern cultures for centuries.  There’s no medicine involved, just a number of pins placed strategically in parts of your body that is in pain.

While non-traditional, acupuncture has proven effective in reducing pain, especially for those who are suffering from severe migraine attacks. Regular acupuncture sessions eventually reduce the number of these attacks, unlike taking medication which may lead to addiction.

Deep Tissue Massage Can Relieve Pain, Too

Aside from providing a relaxing experience, deep tissue massage can also relieve pain from migraine headaches. It loosens tight muscles which may cause muscle spasms and migraines. This kind of massage is not something that anyone can just give, though. Chiropractors undergo training on how to use this modality to relieve pain.

Aside from these three, there are other techniques as well that chiropractors use. The bottomline is that they use natural, holistic, and non-pharmacological ways of helping you deal with the pain from migraine headaches.

If you’re seeking migraine headache pain relief in Phoenix, Arizona, schedule an appointment today at one of Bluestone Chiropractic Group’s 15 valleywide locations.


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