Four Ways To Fight Pregnancy Back Pain


Pregnancy brings enough surprises.  Adding back pain to the mix can make your 9 month term a nightmare.  Luckily, there are 4 sure fire ways to control the amount of back pain you get during pregnancy.  Follow them closely, and you’ll not only feel great, you’ll look terrific as well.

Stretch it out

Keeping your muscles fluid and limber at any time of life can minimize pain, especially in the back.  Try a fitness routine such as Yoga or Pilates to get a good stretch in every day.  Don’t do any stretches that could compromise the health of your baby!  The best options are a pregnancy class at the gym or ordering a Yoga/Pilates pregnancy video online.  Stretching isn’t only a miracle worker on the back.  A good daily stretch also helps you to relax and sleep better, something pregnancy women can’t seem to get enough of.

Don’t neglect your core

The stronger your core muscles are, the better your back is bound to feel.  Adding all that additional belly weight to your body as pregnancy progresses is typically what spikes up back pain.  Pregnancy shifts your center of gravity forward, causing a good amount of strain on your lower back.  By strengthening your core as soon as possible in pregnancy, your back will be much more able to handle the added weight.  While many people will advise you to stay away from core fitness routines while pregnant, they actually may be the most beneficial to perform!  Again, by doing the right type of core exercises you’ll stay safe and keep getting stronger.  Rotations, bends, squats and certain types of crunches all can help prevent back pain from settling in.  Finding these exercises online is a good start to overall back wellness.

Don’t count out a simple walk

Pregnant women should exercise

Walking during pregnancy

Any exercise is better than none.  If pregnancy has simply left you feeling wiped out and unmotivated, at least get yourself out and walking once a day.  Even strolling around the neighborhood for 15-30 minutes daily can keep your blood circulating and strengthen your muscles.  For an added bonus, take your walks right after meal time if possible!  A good walk can help digest your food making common heart burn disappear all together.



If all else fails, head to the spa

 While we recommend this as your last option, getting a massage can also help fight back pain in pregnancy.  There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as having your tense and sore muscles massaged every once in awhile during your 9 months.  Heading to a licensed massage therapist instead of your partner is where the real magic happens.  Although a spouse can have the best of intentions, a massage therapist knows exactly where is safe to rub and what will leave your back feeling the best.

My name is Dakota, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That’s how I found myself involved with a dieting company that really expanded my knowledge of health and wellness.

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