Four Signs A Doctor Should Check Out Your Back Injury

Symptoms of back painBack injuries can result in a problem that goes beyond discomfort. It is beneficial to know when a back injury needs a doctor’s attention. Having the injury examined and treated will prevent more serious conditions from developing in the long run. Many painful conditions form from neglected back injuries. Different symptoms follow this type of injury. There are specific indicators that point to an urgency for medical attention. Below are four signs that your back injury needs medical attention.

Bowel and Bladder Issues

If you lose control of your bladder function and your bowel movements become irregular, it would be in your best interest to see a doctor about your injury. Other bladder and bowel-related issues that can show up are urine retention, constipation and rectal control loss. All of these issues point toward a more serious condition called cauda equina syndrome. Cauda equina syndrome happens when the nerve sac in the lower part of your spine is being compressed severely. Injuries can lead to this condition. You would find out more information about it and whether you are affected by it if you seek medical attention for it.


Spasticity is characterized by involuntary movements and spasms in your muscles. Some of the contractions happen in fast intervals. Other spasms are few at a time. If you are experiencing involuntary muscle spasms along with pain that radiates throughout your back or limbs, you should see a doctor about it immediately. Some back injuries can affect the spinal cord. Spasms are one of the first signs of a spinal cord injury.

Weakness in the Legs

Numbness and weakness in legs after a back injury are common. Chiropractic therapy treats these symptoms and the pain that accompanies them. Holistic treatments like those from Alberta Back & Neck Rehab in Calgary are a comfortable way to deal with nerve issues resulting from a back injury.

Sensory Shift

Altered consciousness and confusion are sure signs that you need to seek medical attention for your injury. Along with nerve problems, neurological conditions can result from back injuries. It is crucial to go to a doctor immediately if you have any heightened changes in perception, whether it is in your vision or your ability to perceive what is going on around you.


Every injury should be given professional attention and care to prevent any underlying issues from worsening. Your health can change based on how you handle the aftermath of your injuries. Seeking medical attention for the symptoms mentioned above will save you from unnecessary pain in the future.


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