Five Excuses Women Use For Not Exercising Their Pelvic Floor Muscles

A woman’s pelvic floor can be made stronger through exercise. This pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments that support a woman’s bladder, uterus and bowel. When this area is not strong or supported properly, a woman can suffer a variety of symptoms, including the involuntary loss of urine. Most women know this fact. However, it won’t stop her from making an excuse for not exercising this area. Here are five common excuses women uses for not exercising their pelvic floor muscles.

She Doesn’t Know How

A woman may use the excuse that she doesn’t know how to do these types of exercise. However, this is not a valid excuse. There is plenty of literature that can teach a woman how to do these exercises online and in women’s health magazines. A woman’s doctor can also teach her how to do these exercises.

She Doesn’t Think She Is Old Enough to Do These Exercise

A woman may think that incontinence is only for the old. She may think that she is too young to suffer from it. She may think that her pelvic floor is safe from becoming weak because of her age. However, a woman should begin practicing these exercises, by the time she is in her twenties or earlier. By strengthening her pelvic wall, she can enjoy painless intercourse, longer orgasms and easier childbirth.

She Thinks Sex Is Enough Of An Exercise To Strengthen Her Pelvic Wall

Yes, sex is a good exercise. It has many benefits. It is an exercise that will strengthen and help stretch the pelvic wall. However, chances are that most women are not having sex every day or even every week. These types of exercises should be performed regularly, even every day.

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She Doesn’t Want Children, Therefore, She Believes That They Aren’t Necessary

Yes, these exercises do help make childbirth less painful. However, strong pelvic floor muscles help keep a woman from developing incontinence, involuntary loss of urine. They can help make sex more enjoyable and make orgasm easier. Finally, it can help a woman from developing lower back pain and a sagging bladder.

She Says She Doesn’t Have Time

Many women say they don’t have time to exercise. They say they have no time to do any type of exercise. This is their excuse for being overweight. This is their excuse for being out of shape. This is their excuse for not doing the exercises needed to keep these important pelvic muscles strong. This isn’t a real excuse. They can make the time, if they wanted.

Excuses can be made. However, they won’t solve the health issues that can be created when the pelvic wall becomes weak and problems occur. This is why the excuses need to stop, and women need to take the few needed moments each day to exercise this important area of their body.

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  1. Still We have no excuse to be made. You have written good article on pelvic strength exercise.

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