Five Benefits To Choosing The Right Pillow

The right sleeping pillow offers good benefits

Choosing the right sleep pillow

Perhaps this is you. It is 3 a.m. and you cannot sleep. You have spent the last hour perusing relaxing bedroom pictures online. After a quick reality check, you realize that trip to Tahiti to sleep in a hammock on a beach is not going to happen anytime soon. You go back to bed and fluff the pillows, what little there is to fluff. They do not match those pictures of exotic beds that beckon you to lounge all day. Tomorrow you say, tomorrow I will go buy new ones. It is the least I can do.

There are many benefits to having the right pillow. People take great care to select the proper mattress; your head support should receive the same attention. Experts suggest replacing them every one to two years. It may be time for a trip, not quite as relaxing as the beach, but still with lasting benefits. Your needs and preferences may be different from others, so it is important to know which of these takes precedence.

Proper head and neck support

Certain stuffing or firmness provide options for your sleeping patterns. Back, side and stomach sleepers can now choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for optimal support. The goal is to align your spine correctly, so you can wake without muscle strain.

Restful sleep

You know when you have slept well. The right amount of cushion allows your body to relax, leaving you refreshed in the morning. The proper pillow may even eliminate or reduce snoring. This makes a wise investment if you have a snoring spouse or partner. They are not just for your head. They provide support for your back, legs or arms as well. Body bolsters are a great option when looking for full-body support.

Health concerns

Improper support can exacerbate many health issues, neck and shoulder strain being one. Asthma and allergies may necessitate the need for a synthetic filling or a hypoallergenic covering. Acid reflux is a health concern that requires an elevated sleeping position. Additional cushions are helpful in achieving that effect. Extra padding can also be effective support after injury or surgery. Ask your doctor how the proper cushion can aid your health concern.


Climbing into an appealing bed is a wonderful sensation. A single pillow, the correct one, placed flat on the bed may exude a peaceful connation. Perhaps, you prefer a plethora of them to surround you at night. Natural down or feathers lend an opulent feel to your bedding. Either way, feeling relaxed when you get into bed is an important beginning to a good night’s rest.


Whether they pull together an accent color or make their own statement, decorative cushions add a personal flair. They can be used as additional support or removed when sleeping.

Having the right bedding may not seem vital. That is until you have struggled to find restful sleep. The right place to lay your head should not be in an online photo, it should be on your bed as well.

This post is brought to you on behalf of Nine Clouds Beds, provider of quality pillows and mattresses to help you get the rest you need.

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