Finding The Best Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain relief

Lower back pain relief

There are several different ways to get lower back pain relief.  Back pain can be extremely painful and make activities difficult to achieve. What many back pain sufferers are doing is just to remove the symptoms without dealing with the cause of the pain.  This is the reason why so many people only get temporary relief and before they know it, the back pain returns in full force. Recent statistics shows that about 25% of back pain sufferers will be pain free within a year.  The rest 75% will either get worse or receives temporary relief.

The first step to obtaining lower back pain relief is to first of all discover the cause or causes of your back pain.  The pain can be traced to when it first started.  There must have been some deformation patterns that turns and distort the spine.  These deformation patterns permits the joints and muscles to malfunction.  Because of this, the muscles get tired and stiffen which produces pain.

The second thing is to find lower back pain relief methods.  There is need to first find symptom relief that will eradicate the pain and after that the cause of the pain can now be dealt with. Back pain symptoms can be relieved within few minutes if the right techniques are employed.  To relief the pain, the muscles must be well balanced.  Balancing the muscles mean relaxing the muscles that are tight and energising the weak ones.  Back pain is as a result of weak and tired muscles that are tight, so when the muscles are relaxed the pain eases.

Lower back pain relief is also possible by using a cold pack placed on the affected area.   When the cold pack is positioned at the lower back, the joints and muscles will fasten up but will relax as soon as the pack is taken away from the affected area.  Although the relief is temporary, it is a good way of making the pain to be tolerable.  After using the cold pack, a hot compress can also be applied to loosen the muscles more and get more relief.

It is also possible to use pills for lower back pain relief.  There are OTC medicines that will always work.  It will also provide a short term relief. If the back pain is chronic, it is advisable to see a physician so that proper medications can be recommended.  Using medications on a regular basis can create addiction because of its dosage.  This is why it is recommended for a doctor to make the right dosage and medication for effective pain relief.

Exercises are also a good form of lower back pain relief.  Proper exercises on a continuous basis will go a long way to reduce the pains in the muscles.  Back pain sufferers can make use of light stretches on a daily basis which will help to put the muscles in a relaxed mood.  Exercises totally remove the cause of the back pain and also prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

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