Effective Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower Back Exercises

Lower Back Exercises

Lower back pain exercises are great especially if you don’t like painkillers as a treatment for your lumbar pains. Furthermore the routines are perfect for anyone to try it out and are good for babies in the womb since medication is not good for them.

The first thing you should know about the bottom lumber pain exercises is that they shouldn’t be strenuous. Whatever exercise routine you adopt shouldn’t stress your back more but should aim at relaxing it and facilitating free movement around that region.  The work outs are also designed to fix problems like herniation of the discs or when the discs are slipped. So here are some routines that will be great for your lumber pains.

Take a walk

Walking is a simple exercise yet it has a profound impact on reducing aches on your lower spine region. Walks are highly advocated for pregnant women who cannot get around to doing some of the other exercise we are about to look at. So how about taking a stroll every morning and evening round your neighborhood; whenever you complete a circuit try standing up and strolling, it’s a perfect check for back spasms.

The Bird Dog routine

This is one of the lower back pain exercises designed to reinforce the lumbar stabilizers known as transverse abdominus as well as multifidus. How to go about the routine; the patient should be on all fours with the hands and knees in a straight line. The back should be flat; a perfect neutral position. The patient should then stretch out one leg slowly as it moves away from the body while the shoulders are packed down with the opposite arm raised at a forty five degree angle. Your lower back gets activated this way and works the muscles around that region. Make sure your hips are stationed firmly for the routine to be effective.

The Hip expansion routine

This routine involves the butt muscles known as the glutes. The patient lies on the ground with the feet flat and the knees in a 90° position. The patient then raises their hips while the glutes are flexed for a period of five seconds. Next, the patients lowers the back steadily as they perform a series of 8 reps. All other muscles should remain relaxed while performing this routine.

 The Press-ups routine

They are known as the McKenzie Pressups and are performed about 10 times in a workout routine. The workout pushes the spine discs to the front correcting a bulge in any of them. The routine is carried out by lying flat on your stomach with the hands under the shoulders. The shoulder blades should be low and behind. Gradually arch the back as you exhale; your hips should maintain ground contact. Next, lower your backside gently as you inhale; do this about 3 to 4 times and if you don’t feel a change try any of the other routines above.

The lower back pain exercises can be performed separately or incorporated into an exercise routine. Remember not to strain yourself and also find out which of the routines works better and faster than the rest. Once you find it, stick to it.

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