Criteria for an Ergonomic Chair

Seating for long period

Office chairs

Office chairs

In the age of technology, we have seen people spending more and more time seated than ever before. The introduction of an all-digital, all-electronic and all-mobile world has significantly changed every aspect of our lifestyle, including the amount of time we spend sitting down.

True enough, if we are not buried with work behind our office desks, we consume leisure time on soft couches at home reading or watching TV, on Adirondack chairs dining or enjoying a couple of drinks al fresco in the garden, and on car, bus, train, plane passenger seats traveling. All these activities require us to be on our buttocks for long periods of time, putting a lot of pressure on the back, legs and the entire body. The need for adequate seating that provides support and comfort could not be ignored.

Ergonomics in the twenty-first century

Ergonomics has become increasingly popular in the workplace in the recent years. Whether it is to genuinely provide the best work environment or to merely avoid medical and legal claims, many companies have seen that investing in ergonomic office furniture as a smart move. Today’s ergonomic office products not only offer a wide array of health benefits to their users, they also come in sleek and modern designs that are a perfect fit for the character of the office or nature of business. With all these features, it goes without saying that ergonomic products naturally cost a little more than regular office furniture. That is why it is only wise to explore on the features that make up real ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic chair criteria

For the purpose of this article, let us set up some criteria for an ergonomic task chair:

  • Seat and Back Rest Height Adjustment – Many workstations today are shared. This is especially true in companies that operate 24 hours on a daily basis. This is to accommodate employees of different shifts without having to acquire a bigger office space. In situations like this, chairs that allow seat and back rest height adjustability can accommodate multiple users of different sizes.
  • Swivel Base – An average employee’s daily tasks does not only involve long hours of computing. A huge part of our jobs include reaching for the phone, pulling documents from drawers and so on. A chair with a swivel base allows us to turn and move around our workstation without getting out of our seats.
  • Stable Wheel Base – In relation to the previously mentioned feature, a stable wheel base is imperative as we swivel around to perform our jobs. According to ergonomics design experts, a minimum of five spoke casters is ideal.
  • Arm Support Adjustment – The armrests are among the most intensely engineered parts of an ergonomic chair. So much thought and brilliance are put in them as they provide support to the elbows and arms – the most used parts of the body in the job.

There are many other factors that make the criteria. Essentially, ergonomic office chairs should be able to provide lumbar support and, more importantly, encourage posture improvement to serve their purpose.

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