Choosing the Right Fitness Plan for Your Body Type

Chances are you’ve heard people refer to themselves as apple or pear shaped. But, did you know that this shape can actually affect your workout plans? The truth is all exercise burns calories, but you can do exercises that work the muscles of your problem areas. This gives you a much better chance of getting rid of that belly pooch or those flabby arms. Let’s take a closer look at choosing the right fitness plan for your body type.

Body Type 1 – The Thin Frame

Those that have an overall thin body don’t necessarily have to worry about their weight. In fact, the problem usually lies in not being able to put on weight. This means that your plan should be more about building muscle. You will vary a routine throughout your week with strength training and cardio. This will give you the results you’ve longed for as you begin to define your chest muscles, build muscle to create a curvy backside, and tone your arms.

Body Type 2 – Weight in the Rear

Those that gain most of their weight in their backside and stomach should focus on moderate to intense cardio workouts that last 30-45 minutes. You will do cardio 3-5 days per week and on your off days you will focus on strength training. However, because you usually don’t store fat in your arms and legs, this means that you can easily put on muscle in these areas. For that reason, you should consider using moderate weights and focus more on cardio to burn calories.

Body Type 3 – The Pear

This is classically known as the pear shape. The problem for pear shaped people is that they put on lots of weight or muscle in their lower half, but their upper half remains small. This means you’ll want to focus on burning fat in your hips, butt, and thighs while also building muscle in your upper body. Your workout plan is going to include the use of heavier weights, but smaller reps. You will also need to do cardio at least five days per week. It is recommended that you choose cardio exercises that burn calories, but work the arms, such as boxing or tennis.

Body Type 4 – The Hourglass

The last shape is what many women call the hourglass figure. You have a narrow waist, but other areas are much larger. The goal of your plan is to lose weight all over. Your plan should focus on a combination of strength training and cardio. For example, you may do cardio exercises that use your body weight, such as jumping jacks. You should also focus on doing more reps with smaller weights.

The truth is you really can increase the benefits of exercise by choosing the right plan. It all begins with your body type.

About the Author: Dane Tote loves working out and hopes to one day become a personal trainer. Right now he works for a candida specialist and enjoys educating patients about how candida can affect men, women, and children of all ages.

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