Can Chiropractic Care Improve Your Performance at Work?

Seek Chiropractic Care at work place

Chiropractic Care

When you’re in the workforce, it’s important to stay safe in order to prevent any unnecessary injuries. In fact, safety can be a big factor to not only you but also to those who work around you. Not only that, being safe at work helps your company reduce costs.

Some chiropractors believe that receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis can actually help you to be more efficient and stay safe at work. It is generally believed that when a person receives chiropractic care, they are usually stronger and can handle physical labor better than someone who doesn’t receive care. It’s also believed that a worker who performs better at work will be more productive.

When a worker feels good, they will work more efficiently and be less likely to develop an injury than their counterparts.

This is becoming more widely known when it comes to workers compensation. Worker’s compensation agencies in some states are now making the suggestion that workers use chiropractic as treatment for injuries they’ve suffered on the job. In general, chiropractic care is usually less expensive than the traditional medical treatment. Chiropractic care is also not as invasive or intense as medical care, which can help the body heal more quickly. This will also save costs as someone undergoing chiropractic treatment will be able to go back to work more quickly than someone who chose to have medical treatment instead.

Another thing that separates chiropractic treatment from medical treatment is that it provides a more direct treatment. A chiropractor will use hands-on treatment to relieve pain, spasms and inflammation, which will usually not require additional drug and surgical treatment. This eliminates the need for further treatment allowing you to save money by not having to go through additional treatments that may not be as effective.

An additional factor to consider when weighing the benefits of chiropractic care on workers is the absence of treating patients with drugs. Chiropractic treatments don’t involve pain-killing drugs that can have dangerous side effects, especially if a worker needs to operate heavy machinery. A worker can get back to work much more quickly when they don’t have to worry about those side effects and how they may create problems in their performance at work.

Some chiropractors also recommend taking some nutritional supplements, especially colloidal minerals which are highly absorbent known to aid in replacing any missing nutrients in the body. These essential nutrients aid in quick recovery and will help you get back on your feet and back to work sooner.

Overall, workers who receive chiropractic care will return to work sooner reducing costs to employers and relieving stress and pain for workers. Contact your local chiropractor in Atlanta if you need help recovering from a worker’s compensation related injury.

Dr. Vicky Yarns, D.C. is a local Atlanta Chiropractor with 10 years of experience. For more information on seeking treatment after a work-related injury, or for information on chiropractic adjustments please visit the Atlanta Spine Center’s website at for more information.

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