Calm The Mind To Release The Back From Pain

Back pain is a major physiological problem faced by people of all age groups. It is first important to locate the cause for back pain. The common causes are muscle strains and ruptured lumbar discs. There are other serious problems like arthritis in the lumbar or lower lumbar region and even lumbar Spondylolisthesis or a “slip disc”. These problems usually occur due to a continued wrong sitting posture or wrong way of sleeping. Muscle strains are common in all ages. Instead of consuming prescribed drugs many resort to natural ways of treating pains.

Yoga release your back from pain

Yoga, Meditation and Back Pain

One such way is through yoga or meditation. Gone are the days when only temporary relief was provided through pain killers. Resorting to yoga or meditati yoga meditation techniques on is a safer way of reducing or even curing back pain. A yoga instructor will first understand your problem and then give you a few stretches and exercises that will help in curing your back pain. These exercises help in increasing the flexibility of your body and spine. It also strengthens your muscles and helps you develop proper balance. It helps in regaining the correct posture and improves the way you breathe. These breathing exercises help you develop a better oxygen flow to the brain and helps in creating a rhythm in your mind and body.

These exercises coupled with meditation helps in decreasing stress in your body. The reduction of stress helps in the release of tension in mind and body. This relaxes the tensed muscles in the body providing relief from the pain. Stress and anxiety are two other factors that cause back pain. If the mind is stressed the tension transcends to the muscles and the constriction of the muscles lead to back pain. So the safest way to reduce or cure back pain is meditate.

Meditation is a safe way to cure any sort of physiological back pain as it has no side effects and can harm the body in no way. Yogic meditation is a quiet and peaceful process of releasing stress and tension. The best form of meditation that is used to cure physiological back pain is Transcendental Meditation. This form of meditation doesn’t involve deep thought or perfect concentration but it aims at drowning out the background noise in a person’s soul. Every practitioner has his own personal sound that is repeated over and over again. This sound is known as a mantra.

Transcendental Meditation is a very individualistic form of meditation. It is unique in nature and anyone can practice it. It is a flexible form of yogic meditation that is cost effective since no instructor, doctor or equipment is needed. It can be practiced anywhere at home, on the way to work and even at office. Yoga meditation techniques to cure back pains are very much in use these days. People usually want to cure their ailments the natural way without having to consume any medicines, undergoing any surgery or expensive treatments. Meditative ways not only cure back pains but also reduces stress, headaches, hypertension, addictions and anxiety. These ‘diseases’ are all lifestyle related and prevalent in all ages.

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The author here talks about various types of back pain and how it is prevalent in people from almost all age groups. The author talks about how natural ways of treatment have an upper hand in this day and age. Yoga meditation techniques are highly recommended as they don’t have any side effects. These techniques are cost effective and less time consuming.

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