Back Problems? How Moving To A New Home Causes Unforeseen Injuries

don't break your back moving home

When a person is moving, a lot of things can go wrong. One problem that can occur is an injured back. There are a number of different reasons that moving can be particularly rough on a person’s back. By looking at the different ways that moving can cause back problems, a person can better avoid these debilitating injuries that can make a move miserable.



The process of moving requires a lot of lifting. The chances of injury are increased due to the repetitious movements of the back and the weight of the objects that are being moved. Weakened bones can break, muscles can be pulled or torn and other injuries can occur to the back as a result of lifting objects during a move. To avoid these injuries, people need to remember to lift with their legs and not their back. For particularly heavy objects, a person should get someone to help to avoid lifting more than is reasonable. Objects should be lifted in a smooth and steady motion. Lifting an object too quickly can increase the odds of a back injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Moving days are often filled with opportunities for slip and fall accidents that can injure a person’s back. This is due to carrying objects on awkward truck ramps, up and down steps and around other objects. A leading cause of falls during a move is exhaustion. As a person becomes tired, he or she is less careful and less able to adjust to tripping or stumbling over objects. To avoid slip and fall injuries, a person should rest whenever he or she is feeling tired and maintain an organized move to reduce tripping hazards. When moving an object that is difficult to see around, a person should ask someone to provide assistance guiding them around obstacles.


Even without a particular physical incident that caused damage to the back, the exertion of energy used to move can cause a back injury. From sore muscles to swollen joints, moving a large number of heavy objects can trigger back pain in a number of ways. This is especially true for those whose bodies are unaccustomed to large amounts of physical labor. Stretching, frequent breaks and drinking plenty of water on moving day can help to reduce the risks of injury due to overexertion. During the move, a person should use over-the-counter medications to address any aches or pains that develop.


Moving to a new home is a stressful experience. Physically moving belongings, arranging financing, changing jobs and schools and the other logistical challenges of moving all cause people to have an increase in mental stress. This mental stress can physically manifest itself in a number of different ways including in the development of back problems. Back pain can also be triggered by a lack of restful sleep that can be caused the stress of moving as well as sleeping in a new location. To reduce the stress of moving, a person should work to plan out the move as much as possible to reduce the chances of problems and complications.

Pete Wendt is a freelance writer from Austin, Texas. After dealing with injuries from his last move, he recommends calling Unicorn Movers for their quick and reliable moving services.


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