Back Pain Treatments Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

relief for back pain symptomsYou know it hurts, I know it hurts, everyone knows it hurts! But if you tell 10 friends that your back hurts, you may get 10 different recommendations about what you should do about it. Now, once you know your body and the types of pain that you are in, you may be more confident in assessing when to rest, when to stretch and when to get help.


In New York City, back pain sufferers abound. You may need a back specialist NYC.

Seek a specialist in back pain

If you are at all anxious about what to do about your pain, call for help. Even just a call to a professional to get you started in the right direction, so that you don’t go in the wrong direction. Most times, you are going to be invited to come down to the office and get an exam and answer questions, but that is worth doing if it speeds up your recovery, reduces your pain and increases your productivity. Because people are all different and back pain can originate from so many different kinds of injuries and even illnesses.

Kinds of treatments

neck and back pain treatmentMost people would agree that the minimum effective dose is what we want for treatment of anything we are trying to cure or fix. We don’t need to over-do it. Therapy, like massage or physical exercise is a place to start many times. Many times, just stretching, icing or treating with heat are options. These are all examples of non-invasive therapies. A longer term non-invasive solution might be simply to lose some weight and reduce the strain on the back. Rest may be prescribed, which is the ultimate non-invasive treatment.

Just the words “Invasive Treatments” sound scary to most people, but sometimes there is a need for something that will get the pain to stop ultimately or to repair damage done. Then surgery might be an option. Nothing to enter into lightly, to be sure, but many times must be considered. Living with severe back pain is never pleasant and not always a sentence we have to live with. Call a back specialist NYC and make an appointment for an exam.

Call for back-up

Most people procrastinate. Many people put themselves last in the order of priorities. Therefore, many people think, “I’ll just live with this pain,” but they are really not doing anyone any favors. Getting healthy for yourself is the best thing you can do for others. So get some help. By calling the bestback Specialist NYC and letting them recommend a specific treatment for you, you can save yourself and your family and co-workers a lot of grief and wasted time because Back Pain Treatments are Not One-Size-Fits-All.

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