Back Pain Injuries In The Office

You may think that the office is the safest place to work but this isn’t true. There are many hidden dangers which cause work place injuries to white collar workers everyday.

One of the most prominent of these is injury to your back and neck.

Office equipment you obliviously use every day can caused you harm and they are getting away with these crimes unpunished.

Innocent office workers can injure their back in many ways. Back injury can be caused by trips & falls, poor seating posture, incorrectly carrying files & boxes, plus carrying too much.

There is innocent office equipment that is used properly can be completely safe. Lets eliminate this incorrect usage and reduce office back injury.

You maybe at risk as you are reading this. Help us in bringing them to justice!

Here are the prime suspects of these crimes and the injuries they have inflicted on unsuspecting office workers.


What causes injuries in the office

Causes of Injuries in the Office

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