Are Backpacks Causing You Back Pain – Infographic

Backpacks have been used for years to help students get their school supplies from class-to-class. When worn correctly, backpacks are less stressful on the back than messenger bags or shoulder bags. However, more and more young people are suffering from medical issues like chronic back pain as a result of carrying heavy backpacks loaded with textbooks, cell phones and computers.

While there are many causes of back pain, students who carry large, heavy backpacks around campus all day often find themselves in pain at the end of the day. Physical therapists who treat many of these students, recommend carrying a backpack no heavier than 10 to 15 percent of the student’s total body weight. Carrying a heavier bag may cause the student to lean forward, arch the back and develop rounded shoulders all of which can cause back pain to occur. The weight of backpacks can also cause neck pain and shoulder pain, which is most common in students who carry their backpack over one shoulder instead of on the back as recommended.

Backpacks are necessary for most students who are attending a variety of classes each day. However, the risks of back pain can be reduced by following a few simple rules. Check out this infographic and see more of who’s at risk and ways to possibly prevent backpain from backpacks.


Backpacks are bad for your back

Backpacks Medical Assistant Infographic

Infograpic via the Carrington College medical assistant training program.


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