A Good Night’s Sleep, What Type Suits You?

How to pick a good mattress for a good night sleep

Choosing the best mattress for hotel

High end hotels pride themselves on the comfort of their beds. Whilst pillows and duvets, as well as structure and placement may play equally important roles, the mattress is key to making it feel extra comfortable. Naturally, contract buyers take on board a lot more deciding factors than just laying down and seeing how it feels; they will evaluate customers’ needs, customers’ feedback, and overall opinion of their future purchase.

Not all mattresses are created equal. There are four main ways in which mattresses are made. Below are some short descriptions to explain to you the different factors hotel mattress buyers have to consider when buying beddings for their business.

The Open Spring

Open spring mattresses are the most found and most popular choice available. Normally, 300-800 coils are fixated in a designated ‘spring zone’ covered by different layers of fibre and foams to protect your back whilst adding extra softness for good back health. To preserve its shape, there is normally a thin wire running round the base of the mattress.

The amount of coils used in an open spring mattress varies and many believe that the more coils one has, the more comfortable it will be. This is simply not true. It takes a mix of coil count, the type of metal used to make the coil, and coil gauge to reach a good comfort level.

The Pocket Spring

Like the open spring, the pocket spring mattress consists of a certain amount of coils. Rather than having a spring zone, each coil has its own little ‘pocket’ which enables them to work individually. Couples of different sizes have surveyed better night’s sleeps on pocket springs as the individual weight of both people can be more concentrated on rather than being spread stereotypically. Most pocket string mattresses will be hand woven on the sides – a sign of good craftsmanship and quality – exactly what you’re looking for.

Latex Mattresses

One of the newest options on the block doesn’t use springs for its support; instead, they have been replaced by the material ‘foam latex.’ Whilst still growing in popularity, latex bedding in hotels is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because of its breathability during hot temperatures, which in turn diminishes ‘hot and uncomfortable sleep’ whilst also adapting well to seasonal changes. Latex can be hypo-allergenic, meaning it is hygienic and will reshape to fit your body’s contours. Due to natural latex being expensive and not very enduring, synthetic latex has been manufactured and is normally chosen over the two.

Visco Elastic or ‘Memory Foam’

Memory foam works by responding to your body’s current temperature. It will mould quickly to fit the shape and weight of the body lying on top of it and then pop back into its original shape when the pressure is lifted off. As you can imagine, this is ideal for people sharing one bed at different times.

Memory foam beds are reported to give a “melting impression” as it adjusts to the current pressure. This has been known to help individuals with sleeping problems by reducing the amount of times they toss and turn at night. When lying horizontally memory foam is fantastic at supporting good spine alignment as it adjusts in much the same way. Its main disadvantage is its absorption of heat. Many people have complained that, in the summer months when temperatures rise high, this type of bed is just too hot to sleep on. Some guests of certain hotels have also mentioned that their asthmatic conditions have become more apparent when sleeping on certain brands of memory foam.

As you can see, hotels really do take the time to find the best, most all around comfortable mattresses for their guests. Some have built up such good reputations surrounding this that they now offer a service where you can buy exactly the same type of bed they have in their hotel and, for a little extra, make some small modifications to make it just right for you.

Guess what I’m saving up for.

This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of Hotel Contract Beds – dealer of top quality hotel mattress in the UK. They have the largest inventory of hotel beds and mattresses at very competitive prices designed to suit your every needs.

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