A Chiropractic Essential Is Good Spinal Care

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From our cars to our houses to our bodies, anything that is well maintained will last longer and cause fewer problems. Your spine is the most important part of your body and if it is not well maintained, it will let you know. People who suffer from back pain are generally considered less healthy than those who do not. The reason for this is that when your back hurts it is difficult to maintain any kind of good health or find the energy and motivation to be healthy. Take care of your spine the same way you take care of your car. Don’t abuse it, exercise it regularly, try not to get into any accidents, give it the fluids that it needs and provide it with regular maintenance chiropractic checkups.

Don’t abuse your spine. First, try to stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight and don’t smoke. Heavier people put more stress on their spine, especially for those people carrying weight on their stomachs. A ‘beer belly’ puts pressure on the lower back. Smoking impairs the blood flow and decreases the absorption of oxygen, which will negatively affect the work the spine is doing. Don’t overwork your spine. All chiropractic advice begins with the mantra ‘lift with your knees, not your back’. That means that you should not bend over to pick things up. Instead, kneel as close to the item you are lifting as possible and use the muscles in your legs to pull the item up. When carrying anything, try to balance it out. Keep the item as close to your body as possible, and use both arms. If the item is too heavy, push it instead of pulling it. Better, find a friend to help you. You should also keep your back straight when you sit. Be sure that your knees should be higher than your hips and your head straight. Above all, don’t put any kind of unnatural curve in your body.

Exercise is important ally in reducing the need for chiropractic care. It can prevent back pain by strengthening your back. It will improve your posture and flexibility, and you will lose weight. Your exercise program should include stretching and strength training, as well as light aerobic activities like walking, cycling or swimming. These activities will help improve the blood flow to your back and strengthen the muscles and promote healing across all the areas of the body.

A spine strengthened from exercise will help to prevent falls and accidents that can cause sudden damage and unexpected misalignment. A chiropractic misalignment can often be linked back to a direct cause such as a fall, a car accident, or a sports injury that was not properly treated. Keep your posture straight and wear comfortable shoes. Keep your body strong and stretched to reduce injuries. Above all, take care of yourself. Avoid stress, which can cause muscles to tense up and lead to headaches and other body aches. Exercise will make your spine stronger, lower your stress, and help the oxygen to flow through your system.

Your spine needs fluid. Drink plenty of water. The spinal cord is made up of 60% water and throughout the day, gravity works to squeeze the water out of the disks of our spine. At night, when we lie down, we rehydrate as long as there are sufficient water levels within the body. When the spine becomes dehydrated, it cannot bear its load and this can cause pain, swelling and a possible rupture of the disks. So, one of the easiest ways to maintain good chiropractic health is to drink 8-10 glasses of clean, healthy water each day. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water; by then, it is too late. Remember to supplement the water with lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

Get regular chiropractic checkups. Don’t wait until you have the pain. Often, spinal misalignment creeps up gradually. The accident that caused the trauma to the spine may have happened years ago and the misalignment may have been in place for a long time, but the pain comes only when the body can no longer tolerate the misalignment. It can be confusing when the spine suddenly starts to cause pain when it did not before. A regular checkup will maintain the alignment in your spine to prevent back and neck pain so that you can live a comfortable and long pain-free life.

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