3 Tips to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

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About 70 percent of women report having some degree of back pain during pregnancy. Back pain can cause added discomfort for a woman’s already uncomfortable pregnancy. However, there are a number of ways women can reduce their back pain during pregnancy to make those nine months a little better. Here are three tips for women on how to reduce back pain during pregnancy:

1. Practice Good Posture

Good posture involves keeping the body straightly aligned to prevent the bulging belly from putting a strain on the back. Pregnant women can try sitting up with their shoulders slightly rolled back and their ribcage lifted. A good tip for remembering good posture is to always have the ears aligned with the shoulders. Straight posture improves back pain by allowing key muscles in the back to stretch out and relax. In addition, standing and sitting up straight positions the pregnant belly in a way that reduces its pull on the spine and back muscles.

Pregnant women should avoid keeping their knees locked up while standing to take pressure off the knees and lower back. Keeping the chest pointed outward and high rather than slouched and down will also improve posture and reduce back pain. Some women may want to use a short stool on which to prop their feet while sitting to maintain a straight posture while sitting.

2. Sleep on Side

Women who like to sleep on their backs are likely to encounter back pain of some sort during pregnancy. Sleeping on the side prevents unnecessary pressure being placed on the spine and back muscles. There are a few ways pregnant women can improve the comfort of sleeping on their sides:

•             Place a pillow between the thighs-

•             A pillow between the thighs provides elevation for the legs and puts the lower back and buttocks in a comfortable and relaxed position that prevents soreness.

•             Have a pillow tucked under the pregnant belly-

•             A small pillow underneath the belly can prevent its weight from pulling the back muscles down to one side, which can reduce pain and discomfort during sleep.

•             Keep the neck in line with the spine-

•             Having a firm pillow and/or positioning the head in such a way that keeps the entire spine straight can dramatically reduce back discomfort. Not keeping the neck in line with the rest of the spine can cause muscle aches in the upper back.

Keeping all of these tips in mind during sleep will make sleep during pregnancy comfortable and painless. More comfortable sleep during pregnancy will also reduce stress during those nine months.

3. Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractors specialize in treating back ailments using pressure point methods in the form of adjustments. A chiropractic session can help realign the spine and encourage the lower back muscles to relax. After just a few sessions, back pain from pregnancy can be reduced significantly in a safe and healthy manner. Approximately 70 percent of pregnant women with back pain have admitted to having their pain drastically reduced by visiting a chiropractor. Pregnant women can seek out chiropractors who have reliable experience in dealing with back pain related to pregnancy to ensure positive results.


Rickie just had her first baby and dealt with a lot of the back pain others feel during pregnancy, which prompted her to write this article. She is a freelance writer who covers various menstruation and pregnancy related topics including teaching about pregnancy signs.

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